Watauga Counseling Association

Organizational Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2011 5:30 p.m.


  • Welcome –meeting
  • Treasurer report
    • NO activity on the account in years. The current balance is $2828.00. There should be some outstanding/uncashed checks currently held by TCA that are due to WCA for memberships that have occurred since the group last met.
    • Website- Admin Privileges- need someone to update website
      Lori McCorkel
      w/ help from JessicaJennings
    • Bylaws
  • In process- trying to get SM bylaws- Janna taking lead in revision
    • Leslie & Amanda on bylaws committee
    • Inviting friends

      • Getting MH people involved

        • Talked about raffle for bringing people
        • Agreed that raffle is a good idea
        • Discussed talking to Frontier Health about getting involved
        • Questions raised about VA folk
        • Goals as Association

          • Goals and New Directions- Where do we want to go as an Association?

            • Student Support

              • Partner w/ CSI (ETSU)
              • Student Support
              • Student Scholarships for conferences
        • Conference

          • Put on one day conference ->CEU’s
          • Legal and ethical
          • Workshops
        • Bylaws

          • Aleeta pointed out that with new bylaws this could bring a freshness to WCA- exciting new start
        • Conference

          • Talked about sponsoring tables, speakers (membership needs assessment over email)
          • Advisors- Mike Rats (?)- helped in past
          • Interest/Leadership

            • Committees
            • Announcements

              • April 15- Milligan College School Counselor Summit- featuring “Working with Digital Natives” and Listening Skills: Hearing your Students Stories.
              • April 16:CSI Initiation -5:00- Counseling International Honors Society
              • June 23: Niswonger Foundation’s School Success Symposium

                • Workshops/ training @ Greenville H.S.
  • Summer Classes @ ETSU- Julina announced

Important Websites:

www.tncounselors.org(join the list to serve, join TCA)

Talked about keynotes-Fall Conference

Meeting adjourned


Next Meeting :l Sept. 8th @ Jacks 5:30-7:00

Following Meeting Date:
November 10th @ Jacks 5:30-7:00

Add mtg
information to website

link to WCA  website for TCA

Counseling Association


3, 2011 6:30 p.m.


Aleeta started the meeting @6:30pm.

-She asked members to fill out information sheet, told about TCA, and handed out membership forms.

-Aleeta introduction w/ Dr. Janna Scarborough.

 Topics Discussed:
Why are we here?

What is WCA? —Existed
for many years prior- initiative to reform chapter.

Why is WCA important?

-Talked about history of chapter

-# of members

– Leadership

– Inviting others to meetings- counselor identity

-Local collaboration, support, & professional development

-Legislative voice –Current issues in TN

-Upcoming issues-school counselor evaluation, replacement of state supervisor, accreditation of counselor education programs, licensure issues

-Main goal- support, network, contacts

-Aleeta welcomed Dr. Pruett
Dr. Kitty Pruett, Tennessee Counseling
Association President
talked about changes in TN, how evaluated, funding issues, national & state level concerns, discussed Leadership Institute- encouraged us to get active in TCA and divisions- also discussion on leadership in this chapter- encouraged chapter growth and commitment.

She also talked about free dinner incentive.

Talked about … for members- bring a friend. 


-President Elect

-Membership Committee,

-Leadership needs- called for nominations for President

-Julina Pyanoe was nominated, motion received, vote called Julina elected president.

-Julina Pyanoe called for nominations for President elect, nominated Lorie McCorkle, motion received, vote called, and Lorie elected.

-Jenny Greer nominated for membership- Aleeta and Jenny to co-chair membership committee. 

Dr. Scarborough to chair bylaw committee

-Amanda Barker and Leslie Reed will serve on committee

-Kellie Ross- Treasurer

-Dr. Rebekah Byrd- Secretary

Possible Next Steps

-Form Bylaws Committee to review the Bylaws and create action plan to move forward (filling positions, retrieving accumulated dues, emergency procedures for leadership, use of treasury funds)

-looking for Bylaws- discussed getting Bylaws from another chapter.

-Form Revisioning Committee to create action plan to ensure a future for WCA

  • Proposed Follow Up Meeting Date April 7,2011


– Janna announced conferences at CN& Milligan

-Professional Development Opportunities:

SMCA & Carson Newman- “Blooming with Great Ideas” –Find registration information at: www.tncounselors.org

Milligan College School Counselor Summit- featuring “Working with Digital
Natives” and Listening Skills: Hearing your Students Stories.


(join the list to serve, join TCA)



-Julina adjourned meeting.


Next Meeting Date April 7, 2011 @
5:30 (at Jack’s)

November 20, 2008

The Watauga Counseling Association meeting was called to order by President Long, Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 6:25 p.m., Logan’s Restaurant, Johnson City, TN.  There was one new member. Faith Mahoney.
I. Minutes
Members were reminded that Minutes to the meetings will be placed on the WCA website for all to read and Secretary Kretchmar-Sitz is to be contacted for any corrections.

II. Treasurer’s Report
Statement by Treasurer Ross will be provided on Website:  https://wataugacounseling.wordpress.com
Ross stated that the balance in the WCA account is $4048.77.  The College Fair brought in $2,750.00 but we had to pay $1,085.00 for tables.  It was recommended by Ross that we aggressively look in to another source for tables for the College Fair so that the club could keep more of the money from the fair.

An announcement was made by Ross that there is a need for another person in the club to take over the responsibility of heading the College Fair for next year.  President Long suggested that a graduate student in school counseling might like to have the experience of this position;  it was suggested that members be thinking about this position as well as passing along the idea to others who might have missed the meeting.

III. Committee Reports
There were no Chairpersons present.
A.  Membership
Membership Chairs were not present.  President Long mentioned that there are a number of members who have allowed their membership to elapse, and attending members were encouraged to pass along to their colleagues this information so that they can become current.

IV. Old Business
President Long called for nominations for 2010-2011 President Elect-Elect by the end of the year.  This would give those interested plenty of time to learn the procedure which Long and Ross emphasized is not difficult.  Members are encouraged to be ready at the next meeting to offer names of those interested or email names to President Long for nomination.  Anyone is encouraged to nominate him/herself, as well.

A.  WCA Spring Workshop
1.  Monday, March 16;  no cost for members;  location to be announced soon
2.  WCA, Frontier Health, Counseling Dept. at ETSU all sponsoring Dr. Gerald Corey
3.  Entire day will be devoted to Dr. Corey who is pre-eminent and renowned in the field of counseling with numerous text books in print used by graduate programs throughout the world
a. Three hours in morning legal and ethical issues, and three hours in the afternoon on group work

V.  New Business
Recognition and thanks was given to Scarlett Coapstick for her work as NBCC liaison given in the form of a gift certificate to the Peerless Restaurant.  Brooke Addison Britton has taken over the position.

VI. Speaker
Faith Mahoney, LPC, LADAC from Frontier Health spoke to the membership on “Counselor Burnout”.  Her presentation was received with thanks and enthusiasm by the membership.

VII.  Next meeting
January 22, 2009 @ Logan’s Restaurant.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 by President Long

Respectfully submitted:
Connie Kretchmar-Sitz, Secretary

Watauga Counseling Association Minutes
September 18, 2008

The Watauga Counseling Association meeting was called to order by President Emily Long at 6:00, September 18, 2008 at Logan’s Restaurant in Johnson City. There were 20 in attendance and new members are: Suzanne Johnson, Nancy Cross, and Colleen Weems.

Speaker for the evening was President of WCA, Emily Long. Emily spoke on Holistic Healing Ideas for Grief and shared with the membership the fact that she has designed and is running a new website which specifically addresses grief issues and incorporates a chat capability for those who would like to correspond with her on issues of grief with which they are dealing. The link for her website is: http://www.healing-grief-support.com

Emily also provided the membership with a resource list where one can access a wealth of resources related to grief issues. A member who may not have been able to attend the meeting can get a copy of the list from Emily. Also look forward to hearing Emily present at the TCA Conference in Memphis this year.

Old Business
I. Minutes
A. Connie Kretchmar-Sitz, Secretary, asked if there were any corrections, additions or deletions required to the April 24, 2008 Minutes
1. Minutes were approved by the membership as e-mailed
a. Minutes will be available from the new WCA website https://wataugacounseling.wordpress.com/
b. The membership is encouraged to access the website for ongoing information regarding activities and to preview the Minutes from previous meetings as well as to gain information for future meetings.

New Business
I. Change to by-laws
A. By-law currently stated that graduate students could neither hold an office in WCA nor vote
1. Motion made by Brooke Addison to remove aforementioned by-law
a. Motion seconded by Becky Swain and passed by attending membership
II. New Treasurer
A. Kelly Haught resigned position of Treasurer; Kellie Ross volunteered to take position
1. Motion made by Reveley McGrady to accept Kellie Ross as new Treasurer
a. Motion seconded by Becky Swain and passed by attending membership
B. Kellie Ross will have Treasurer’s report available on WCA website: https://wataugacounseling.wordpress.com/

III. Committee Reports
A. No committee reports due to absence of committee chairs

IV. WCA Conference
A. Dr. Gerald Corey will hold an all-day workshop
1. March 2009. Date to be confirmed soon

V. Volunteer positions
A. Need volunteers to be involved in various rolls: Membership, by-laws, etc.
B. Need for President-Elect-Elect by end of year
1. Will be discussed in more detail at next meeting

VI. TCA Conference in Memphis (November 22 – 25, 2008 at the Memphis Hilton Hotel)
A. Counseling in a Multicultural Mosaic World

VII. Next meeting November 20 @ Logan’s Restaurant 6:00-8:00

Meeting adjourned at 6:40pm
Emily Long, President
Minutes respectfully submitted by Connie Kretchmar-Sitz, Secretary

April 17, 2008

The Watauga Counseling Association meeting was called to order April 17, 2008 at 6:35 at the Firehouse Restaurant in Johnson City, TN by Co-President Brooke Addison Britton.  Co-Presidents Emily Long and Trish Clyburn were on hand to facilitate the meeting, as well, and to announce that they would begin their tenure at the next meeting which will begin the 2008-09 year.  The meeting was Britton and Ross’s final meeting as Co-Presidents to officiate, although Ross was not able to attend due to a previous commitment.  The membership expressed thanks to both women for the excellent job they have done to grow and reinvigorate the association. There were 18 members in attendance, no scheduled educational program but dinner, a short business meeting, and a chance for the attending members to enjoy one another’s company.

Connie Kretchmar-Sitz, Secretary, mentioned that the minutes from all meetings will be e-mailed to members.  If there are corrections or additions needed, or if a member has not received the minutes, the members are welcomed to e-mail her at: csitz@tusculum.edu.

Kelly Haught, Treasurer, will e-mail the Treasurer’s report within a week from the date of this meeting.

Scarlett Coapstick asked that the membership keep in mind that Sue Ellis (who is in charge of the College Fair) needs help finding out where to get tables for the Fair as well help organizing the Fair.  Please be thinking about where we might get about 75-80 large tables for the event as well as whether you might be willing to help Sue in this endeavor.

Committee Reports
Emily Long mentioned that the WCA Spring Workshop got many positive reviews, brought out 55 paying participants, and broke even after making $700 for the association once all expenses were paid.  This is far superior to what has happened in the past.  Trish Clyburn would like all members to give her or Emily feedback about what they liked/didn’t like about the presentations and/or what they would like to hear next year.  Members can e-mail either Trish or Emily elong@frontierhealth.org or trishnclyburn@hotmail.com) to let them know their thoughts about the workshop.

There were no other committee reports presented.

Old Business
Britton thanked Sue Ellis for all her past hard work on the College Fair and asked that all members consider volunteering to help her as her “right hand”.  Ellis took on this job by herself last year as the others who had helped in the past have retired, and she will willingly appreciate help from anyone for this year’s Fair.  For any of the students in the master’s program at ETSU with a concentration in school counseling, being involved in the College Fair would be an invaluable experience.  Brandi Bowers has volunteered to help on this committee.  Scarlett suggested that anyone attending the LDC conference this summer might want to make contact with Sue while they are there to let her know that they would be willing to help with the Fair in September.

New Business
Co- President Britton thanked Scarlett Coapstick for the wonderful job she has done for the association as the NBCC liaison for our chapter of TCA.  Coapstick will be resigning from the position after a number of years of dedication now that the year is ended.  The membership is going to present Coapstick with a gift card and plaque commemorating her tenure in the position.  Because Britton will be ending her term as Co-President for WCA, she is willing to take this position of NBCC liaison.  The membership agreed that Britton would assume this position in the 2008-09 year. This position requires keeping track of CEUs earned by members when there is an educational program offered while attending the WCA meetings.

Emily Long mentioned that TCA (Tennessee Counseling Association) is looking for nominations for President Elect-Elect.  The nomination this year is to come from the East Tennessee area and Long noted that it is important that the nominee come from the eastern part of the state so that our voice could be heard in the statewide association.  If any member is interested or knows of a member who is interested, the nominations are accepted at the LDC in July.  Contact Long (elong@frontierhealth.org) for further information.  Because the state association is so well organized, the position doesn’t require any previous experience.

The WCA was in need of another person to be willing to fill the position of Co-President Elect for next year as the previously elected Brandi Bowers will not be able to carry out the position because of other commitments.  Chris Braddock was willing to volunteer for this position.  There was a vote by acclimation and Chris will join Kristin Tocci as Co-Presidents Elect for 2008-09.

The first meeting will be September 2008 with specific dates, times, & locations for 2008-2009 meetings will be announced after LDC in July/August.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 by Co-President Britton.

Respectfully submitted:
Connie Kretchmar-Sitz, Secretary


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